Friday, February 28, 2014

Lehigh County Commissioner Vic Mazziotti protests too much.

                We are almost two full months into The Tom Muller Executive administration, and the County Commissioners finally approved Dan McCarthy as Tom Muller's right hand man.
                The irony here is that the hold up was Bull crap concerns from the "Reform" caucus of commissioners having concerns about how giving McCarthy the job would bolster his pension more than $8k a year. Even after McCarthy graciously offered to publicly turn down the added benefit, the caucus played games with his appointment, not letting an absent Commissioner vote by phone.

      The irony is that Vic Mazziotti lead the attack against McCarthy.

      That is right, Vic Mazziotti. The same Vic Mazziotti, who after winning election to his Commissioner seat in November 2011, stayed at his then job as Fiscal Officer for Northampton county until March 2012.
      That gave him 6 years on the job in Northampton County, fully vesting him in his pension, at over $40K a year. At the same time, he cut a side deal up in Luzerne County to work part time for another $3k a month.
        Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it?  Even after McCarthy publicly offered to disavow taking the extra pension, Mazziotti kept up the attacks.

     Vic Mazziotti has no place to question anybody getting a public pension, when he is as bad a pig at the trough than anyone he could point a finger at.

      The man did little to help John Stoffa in Northampton County during his years there, but he made sure he got paid. The working people get annoyed when people like Mazziotti slide by, getting paid to do nothing, and then when they do move their bones, it is only because they are politically motivated. For a guy whose entire campaign was financed by a very small circle of extremists, claims of partisanship in appointments rings hollow. It would be in the best interests of Lehigh County if in November of 2015, Mr Mazziotti finds somewhere else to spout his special brand of extremism. This is year three of the reform team, and they have not kept ONE of their campaign promises.

      They promised to repeal the 16% tax hike. That didn't happen. In reality, because of the forced ill advised property reassessment, approximately half the the residential home owners in Lehigh County had their taxes go up. The problems that existed in January 2012 are still here. They have done little to address them. Instead they have picked fights on hot button political issues such as benefits for same sex partners to draw media attention. If you can't solve a problem, create one that you can, seems to be their thinking. But even then, they aren't all that successful.

  I can give the "Reform" team members an appropriate campaign slogan for 2015:

    "We create the Problems, so You can find your own Solutions!"

   A little long for a bumper sticker, but with the money they have to throw around, they can afford a billboard or two.

   When Mazziotti and crew were running for office, they claimed they had a plan. Two plus years in, they still haven't unveiled it. Maybe they are afraid the NSA is listening to their phone calls, or President Obama has a spy satellite monitoring their every move, I don't know. But at this point, I don't think believe they have any plan at all other than just to screw everything up worse than it ever was.

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  1. Chris, Vic Mazziotti resigned from NC in March 2011, not 2012, as you write. He resigned before he began running for LC Comm'r. Your claim that he did little to help Stoffa is also incorrect. I have been critical of Vic in LC, but he saved millions in NC.In fact, it is $10.1 million annually. That'as about 1 1/2 mills, and without laying people off or sacrificing services.

    I'd agree with much of the LC criticism. I think if he would work with Muller instead of viewing him as the enemy, he might do good things in LC. The election's over, and it's time for them to govern.


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