Saturday, February 22, 2014

Congressman Dent gets a Challenger....from the 1960s....literally

         So today was the day local political parties had gatherings to hear from candidates and play petition musical chairs. I will have more on that later, but to show you how important the gubernatorial candidates felt about Lehigh County, I will now write about what they had to say at the gathering:


      That is because none of them showed up! McCord had a presence, as did Hangar, with folks asking you to sign nominating petitions, but that was all. I was disappointed, but I was not surprised. But what I truly found dismaying is that there was no one there for recently announced Congressional candidate Dave Clark.
      A Candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania needs 1000 valid signatures to get on the primary ballot. A good place to start is at local party gatherings. If you don't show up at the party meeting, it is a bit awkward to ask the committee people, or precinct captains as some wish to be called for help petition wise.

      So someone from Lehigh County's past, Dave Clark, has announced his intent to run as a Democrat against 5 term incumbent. Politics PA has a take on him here.

   Let us be honest for a moment. This guy has about as much chance as the Dave Clark Five of beating Charlie Dent. This will be a slaughter. He is about as viable as Jake Towne was in 2010. God help us Democrats if this is the best we can do.


  1. "God help us" says it all. Mr. Clark has been clipping news articles about Dent ... so he is well prepared. And he wants to deport undocumented aliens.
    Mr. Casey, how about writing your thoughts on WHY the L.V. Democrats are unable to muster a credible contender?

  2. Because the lehigh valley dems are irrelelevant. muck lile the lehigh Valley Republicans. that will not change until the major parties recognize that the majorities are not extremists.. It will take some time.



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