Sunday, October 13, 2013

Upper Macungie Supervisor Ed Earley and his Write In campaign

   I have been reluctant to say anything about the Republican nominee for Supervisor, Jim Brunell. I met Mr. Brunell at a Township meeting, and I like the guy. I disagree with him politically, but I have no doubt that he shares my concern for the future of the community, and is as troubled as I by the behavior of our elected Supervisors, who to some extent, see the Township as their own private "FIEFDOM."
    It is no secret that I am the Democratic party nominee, and that I ran unopposed in the May primary. Mr Brunell handily defeated incumbent Ed Earley in the May primary, gathering 427 votes to Mr. Earley's 269. Mr. Brunell received over 61% of the votes cast.
    You would think that would be the end of it. Mr. Earley lost, and it was fair and square.

   But on September 30th, Mr. Earley announced he would be mounting a Write in campaign, specifically because he doesn't feel that either I or Mr. Brunell are qualified to replace him.

   Isn't that kind of arrogant, to disregard what the voters in your own party told you? Also, The last time I looked at the qualifications, to hold office, all you had to do was be a resident of the Township, and during the campaign season, make your case to the residents who were eligible to vote. I don't recall there ever being a stipulation that I had to have Ed Earley''s approval, but it must be another of those so called "unspoken rules" of life I always hear so much about.

   So now that Ed Earley has made it clear that I'm not qualified, because I don't meet his standards, I've got a few standards of my own that I would like to put forth for the voters to judge HIM by.
    First, Ed Earley proposed and voted for the 100% millage increase that took effect a few years back. We could argue whether the taxpayers are  getting what we are paying for, but in 2005 Jane Ervin lost her job as County Executive over a 70% increase.
   Second, since he was appointed to fill Von George's vacant Supervisor seat in 2002, and through 2006, while serving as a Supervisor, Ed Earley voted each and every month to approve the paying of all Township bills.
    Now you might think so what, but during that time the two other gentlemen serving as Supervisors had Credit cards issued to them under the Township credit line, and made tens of thousands of dollars of purchases that the State ethics commission found to be illegal. When the scandal hit the local media, Ed Earley claimed he had no idea what they had been doing.

    For the longest time, I have given Ed Earley the benefit of the doubt. But at this time, as I see him arrogantly defying the voice of the voters in his own party and tearing down their nominee, as well as myself, I have to wonder what his true motivations are.

    I was at the Township meeting on October 3rd, and I was dismayed to see the three supervisors ganging up and attacking Mr. Brunell for questioning them. One even made the statement that he was not using the meeting as a political forum, but merely putting those in attendance who questioned their decisions in their place by correcting what they, the supervisors saw, as misperceptions. I was not surprised that they were so condescending, after all, I went through it back in 2005 and 2007, when I challenged them before.

   We are back where we were in 2005, with an all powerful, all knowing triumvirate in charge.

   Oh, and the Township newsletter had a full page article/letter from Ed Earley, trumpeting all his accomplishments as Supervisor. How coincidental it hit the mailboxes of all residents the day after he announces he is running a write in campaign.

    There are several former state legislators, Republican and Democrat, presently in prison for abusing tax money for that kind of purpose. But because the intent of the newsletter is to inform us of facilities in the Township, I am sure it is a gray area, and won't be pursued legally.

  And I am glad of that. Because issues like this will be pursued at the ballot box, where they should be.

   I do welcome Ed Earley to the race, and I invite him to make his case. But the voters get to make the final decision.  Ed Earley should have retired when he lost, now he will have to face the ignominy of having his past actions as an elected held out for inspection. It isn't the bed of roses he would have all believe.


  1. Your just mad because you can't win an election and you don't attend meetings!

    1. I do attend meetings, and it isn't about winning. It is about what is good for the community. I believe we should have a first class Township referendum. A referendum that would put all present supervisors out of a job. That would include me, if I were to win. I wouldn't know what happened if I were not there, would I? It was an embarrassment that all three Supervisors attacked Jim Brunell. A strong Democracy can survive criticism, but a triumvirate of appointed know it alls can not. All that voters have to remember on election day is : Who raised taxes 100%? Who is ignorant of the traffic problems plaguing the community? Who was ignorant as oters used the Township's money for personal gain? Three Strikes you are out. Ed will be likely get some write in votes, but it won't be enough to soothe his ego. I didn't win last time, but I recall two Supervisors resigning and being found GUILTY of ETHICS VIOLATIONS. BTW, Did they ever pay the money back? I know that answer, do you?


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